A Brand Agency

Every brand is unique, telling individual stories to gain awareness, increase relations, and overall, profit. Let us grow your precense.

A Cloud Agency

TheI cloud? You means Cloud’s… If you are looking for cloud solutions then you are in luck! We love the cloud solutions. From Amazon to Azure to Google and more!

A Support Agency

We are always available! Not every business owner works from 9AM to 5PM and we understand that. That is why we are always here! No matter what time get in touch with us!

A Tech Agency

Are you a small office, maybe a home office, or a quite large office? Well we understand the frustration when you dont have the resources for an entire team of expert so let us be you IT Expert at home or in the Office!

Our Story

Many IT solution providers these days are priced absurdly high and many of these also cut cost at every corner underpaying their employees and making every product they sell the same exact solution no matter the client. This is the culture that Function IT Services wants to change. We opened up FN IT because we know things can be done differently. Here at FN IT, we treat all of our employees with the same respect our founder was looking for when he was on the job hunt. We believe that this respect is transferred to our partners by treating them as our top priority. We do this by making sure each solution is tailored to the customer’s needs. And we know that we are always doing this by our constant in-house Research and Developing Team. We test new products every day. This way when you need a solution for your company we can make sure that we exceed your expectations.

The Team

Lindsey Delaune

Lindsey Delaune

Visual Arts Designer

I have always liked to draw. And being as my favorite movie is Lilo & Stich when the time came to pick a profession I never thought I would pick the right one,  but first try and here I am and happy to create and share my artistic side!
Daniel Velez

Daniel Velez

Founder & CEO

“There is no greater joy in running your own company then knowing the fact that you are a fair company helping others that do not have the knowledge you have. No one should be taken advantage of!”
Jayden Davila

Jayden Davila

Sales Manager

Everyone has their own accomplishments and hardships. We must learn to enjoy our victories and learn from our downfalls.  “The same hammer that shatters glass also forges steel.”